Brandyn Curry: “I just want to thank all of thats fans that have reached out to me already welcoming me to the team”

Dinsdag bracht Donar het nieuws dat Brandyn Curry voor één seizoen heeft getekend. Ik heb Brandyn een aantal vragen gesteld en zijn antwoorden staan hieronder.

Vraag: can you describe in short something about your life (birthday, hometown, family etc)?
Antwoord: I was born In New Jersey on October 2, 1991 to Selina and Herman Curry. I am the oldest of four children with two younger brothers and one younger sister. I also have a ton of aunts, uncles and cousins. I now live in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Vraag: what kind of player in offense and defense are you and is your natural position 1 or 2?
Antwoord: my natural position is the 1 but i can also play the 2 at times when on the court with another ball handler. On offense I describe myself simply as a playmaker. I pride myself on being able to make my teammates around me better and making sure they are involved while also being able to score if that is what the team needs. On defense i am a good on ball defender and use my length to disrupt passing lanes and get steals.

Vraag: you played for several teams in Europe (also in Den Bosch), how do you look back at these years?
Antwoord: my first three years in Europe has been quite the journey so far. I have grown tremendously as a player and a person since my rookie season My first year was as good as it gets with winning a championship with Den Bosch and also advancing to the second round of the Eurochallenge. I then moved on to the Germany BBL for Bremerhaven and had a tough year where i went from being the backup PG,to not even dressing for games, to barely playing. We had 3 different coaches and many different americans come and go on the team so it was a rough year. Then last year in Slovenia for Helios I injured my foot and had to come home early and missed half the season. Each experience has taught me valuable lessons.

Vraag: was it each time difficult to learn the style of basketbal and the culture in a new country?
Antwoord: it was a little bit difficult at first but now it is much easier to adjust especially now that i have to been to some different countries.

Vraag: how came you in contact with Donar? Did you had more offers from other clubs and if “yes” why Donar?
Antwoord: Donar contacted my agency and expressed their interest in me. I had a couple other offers but I just felt that for where im trying to go in my career and grow as player, Donar was the best opportunity for me. I know its a very well ran organization with a great coach, players and fan base so im very much looking forward to getting there.

Vraag: what will be your role in the team of Donar?
Antwoord: my role for the team will be as the point guard.

Vraag: what are your expectations for next season?
Antwoord: expectations for next year are of course to win another championship and also to qualify for the Basketball Champions League and make the playoffs there.

Vraag: Donar will probably play in the Basketball Champions League. Looking forward to that?
Antwoord: absolutely looking forward to being back in the Champions League. It was a great experience playing in it last year. There is some great competition and the league is very well covered.

Vraag: do you want to say something to the fans?
Antwoord: I just want to thank all of thats fans that have reached out to me already welcoming me to the team. Looking forward to meeting everyone and hope y’all are ready for another great season coming up!