Interview met ex-Donar speler Chase Fieler had een interview met ex-Donar speler Chase Fieler. Enkele citaten daaruit:

Fieler made it 4-for-4 in national titles with his brand-new team in the just-completed season that ended with Oostende sweeping Antwerp for the Belgium Cup championship June 9-13.

“I’ve been very fortunate to be on teams with guys who know how to play, that play the right way and aren’t worried about just getting stats,” Fieler said.

Fieler married longtime girlfriend Whitney Masters — a former FGCU volleyball standout — last July 1 of in front of Enfield, new Eagles coach Michael Fly and some of Fieler’s old teammates. On April 16, the couple welcomed son Daxton, whom they’ve been showing off since Fieler returned to the States on June 15.

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