Vraag en antwoord met de ex-coach van Donar Ivica Skelin over hemzelf, KK Split en Eurobasket 2017

Vraag: how is your life now? Busy with national team Croatia?
Antwoord: for the moment I’m at home . I had 4 days break with NT and I’m working with Split. I will be next month absent so lot of things I have to put in these four days.

Vraag: after Donar you went home to Croatia, do you like your life there with your family close to you?
Antwoord: I like my life here. I have normal life with my family and that is huge thing. I know that sooner or later I will need to go abroad and live separately.

Vraag: do you still folow Donar?
Antwoord: congratulations to Donar on the amazing season. I did not have time to watch games but I was following results. Some of the players I know and specialy I was happy for the Drago. I have been his junior coach and I’m happy to see him playing well.

Vraag: you are headcoach of KK Split. You had a great season but play-offs were not so good. What was the reason that your team played not well in the semi-finals and had big losses?
Antwoord: our season was unbelievable from the begining till the end. We had budget no.7 in our competition and half of the competition we have been on the top. We have beaten all the top teams. In the semi final Cedevita was too strong. We have to be proud because we lost against team who has budget 8-9 times bigger then we.

Vraag: do you have still plans in future to coach outside Croatia?
Antwoord: of course I have lot of plans in coaching including to work abroad.

Vraag: at August 31 starts Eurobasket 2017. What is your opinion about group C with Croatia and which countries do you think will play the semi-finals?
Antwoord: I think that we must to qualify to Istanbul. It will not be easy but we have quality. Next step will be difficult because we can face teams like Serbia, Turkey , Russia, Latvia.

Vraag: do you want to say something to he fans of Donar?
Antwoord: wish them good luck and lot of success in the new season.